“Have a plan, from which we will deviate.”

I was listening to a podcast that I enjoy and found the delightful quote above. Myq Kaplan was interviewing Mollie West Duffy (on his podcast Broccoli and Ice Cream) about her new book Big Feelings.

I haven’t yet read the book, though it sounds great. But listening in bed the other night I had to grab my notebook and write in the dark the above quote.

Duffy was talking about interviewing people who worked at NASA and they stressed the importance for people’s psyche and productivity to have a plan, while knowing that that won’t be the final plan.

This is what I’ve been doing with my Spring resolutions!

Making plans, not whole-ly sticking to them, reevaluating and recommitting. Repeat.

It’s had me in a pretty good head space lately, so I’m doing something right.

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