Spring Resolutions

Tried to attack a whole bunch of new things at once and, of course, bit off more than I could chew.

Trying to do anything daily is very hard for me. The other day I went to work and forgot to give my cat her morning can of wet food. Don’t worry for her, she had an overflowing bowl of dry food, but still, I felt bad. It’s something I’ve been doing daily for over a year and just forgot to do one day.

So when I started adding responsibilities to my non-work time, I should’ve not to make them daily. But I tried.

So I’m doing a restart. Well, I did a restart last week and it went well, so I’m continuing my restart. Going to lay it out here because it helps me to make it clear.

1. Scooping kitty litter clean: this is something I will do at least every second day, if not more frequently. This is usually only a problem currently whenthe litter genie gets full and I put off emptying it for a few days. I won’t do that.

2. Exercising: whether walking a mile or dancing for twenty minutes, this is something I will do at least three days a week. Less than that and I get sleepy and frustrated.

3: Python online class: I will do at least one hour three days a week. Learning this maybe for possible change of career, but I’m also really enjoying the logic puzzle aspect of it and my brain feels good when I use it in this way. I purchased a 100 day class on Udemy and have a while to go with this.

4. Be creative: this is something I usually enjoy doing but putting a strict goal on it is hard and brings back too many perfectionism feelings. So once a week I have to do something creative, even if it’s just doodling a smiley face on a scrap of paper.

5. Duolingo: I also picked up Duolingo again and am on day 53 of my streak (with using several streak freeze days in there). Another “my brain feels good when I use it” task. I want to do at least one lesson five days a week.

As you can see, I’m trying to use my brain a bit more and be a slug on the couch less. My week for these tasks runs Monday through Sunday, so for the three day a week items I only have to do them once during the week, when my brain is often fried from my 9-5. I feel better about myself this week than last after doing all these items this week. Fun to try to improve.

Header photo by Annie Spratt, from UnSplash.

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