Social IRL

I was crazy social this weekend. In person. Face to face. Seriously!

My best friend from college and her husband came to visit, it was so much fun!! We played board games (Munchkin, Fluxx, and they introduced us to Bohnanza), we cooked (well, mainly her husband cooked, both Saturday dinner and Sunday brunch, both of which were delicious), and chatted (lots of chatting!)

I also sent the two of them and my boyfriend off to the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum on Saturday afternoon while I ran off to another friend’s baby shower. Everyone around me is popping out babies this summer.

Yes, that’s right, i left one social situation to go to another, and then went right back to the first one. I was a rock star this weekend.

I was freaking out so much leading up to the weekend. Being social freaks me out, and 36 hours with other people is a lot for me. Plus i stress out that my house isn’t clean enough, or decorated correctly, or i won’t have the right temperature water, or whatever other stupid fears about things that don’t actually matter.

And then they got here and i was so happy and relaxed and had a wonderful time!

If i wanted to be down I’d point out that it’s another case of me not knowing what’s good for me/going to make me happy long term. But it was a happy weekend, so i’ll just be glad that everything worked out sunny..

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