Trip to the Vet

Over the weekend something was wrong with my cat's left eye. It was watering a lot and she was holding closed. At one point Sunday morning there was a droplet of yellow guck on her eyelashes, but other than that it was just tearing up a lot.
I made the mistake of googling what this could be, and it turns out there's a pet version of the 'everything is cancer' site. This was roundly regarded as a bad move on my part.
I then turned to Facebook, and two of my animal loving friends recommended calling the vet, they said eye problems are not to be messed with. I wiped her eye with a warm wet washcloth, and while she wasn't too happy about it, she didn't pull back like it was super painful. I was worried, but not too much.
Monday morning she was still closing the left eye a bit, so I called the vet. They said it didn't sound urgent but should get looked at, so I made a Tuesday afternoon appointment.
By the time I got home after work in Monday, her eye looked fine. Both eyes were clear and wide. Yay, but frustrating. I debated cancelling the appointment, but then figured she's around ten years old and hasn't been to the vet in at least six years, so it was time. Being a healthy indoor cat, there's just little reason to take her. Plus, she hates being in the cat carrier.
Kitty got her two shots and bit the vet as he knocked off a huge chunk of tarter from her teeth. Her eyes looked great, so it's official that I'm an over-reacting cat owner.
Thankfully she's not too sad or mad now that we're back home. She's still being adorable and sitting next to me on the couch. I was worried she was going to run right under the bed when we got home and not come out for days. I'm so glad I was wrong.
Awww, cuddly kitty.

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