Home maintenance 

I bought a house last year and although I really like it every little thing that’s wrong with the house feels like a major deal that’s way over my head. 

The week we moved in, my boyfriend pointed out to me that there’s a soft spot in the floor by the back door and we need to get it checked out. Of course, I ignored it. 

Now we’re nine months later and that spot seriously scared me yesterday. But who do I call? General handyman? Floor installation person at Home Depot? Is there a listing on Angie’s List for “home fairy”??
Seriously, if you have suggestions, I’m happy to hear it. Preferably before I fall through the floor. 


  1. In the era of the Internet the first thing to do is go on Youtube and search for “How to repair a soft spot on the floor”. Watch 2 or 3 videos to get an idea of what is involved and decide whether or not it is something you are willing to tackle. You can also search on Google for average repair costs. If the underside of the floor is readily accessible from a basement, then the repair should be easy. If it is not then it means tearing out whatever is above the soft area to get to the joists beneath. Chances are the joists need to be repaired (bad section cut out, replaced, and braced on the side), the sub-floor needs to be replaced, and the finished floor needs to be replaced/patched back in. If it was damaged by water, additional repair may also be needed to the nearby door and outside walls. If it is too overwhelming to think about then hire a general contractor to assess the extent of the repairs needed, but still check out Youtube videos so you can get an idea of what the contractors *should* be doing so they don’t try and up-sell you on work you don’t need. Also, get multiple quotes before hiring someone, prices will vary wildly between contractors for the same work.


    1. Thanks so much, reading through your comment I kept thinking ‘of course!’ But it’s hard to think calmly when you’re in the situation. Will do some research this week. Thanks.


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