Frequent Sunday Night Lament

I didn’t get enough done this weekend. 

I feel this way most Sunday nights, along with stress about the impending work week, but this week I feel especially unproductive. 

Saturday was a fun and busy and tiring day, and I planned Saturday night to spend Sunday alternating between relaxing and cleaning/organizing around the house. This didn’t happen

The living room is full of piles of my stuff. The kitty litter needed changing (i got to this on Sunday). All three bathrooms need cleaning. The kitchen table had a half finished puzzle on it (that I put away Sunday afternoon). The kitchen sink has dirty dishes in it and the dishwasher has clean ones. The front closet is full and hasn’t been opened in months while my shoes pile up in the living room. There’s mail, mostly junk and ads, to sort on the kitchen counter. 

That was roughly my list of To-Do’s, along with grocery shopping (which I hate doing). Two things got done. 

No, I’ll take ownership… I accomplished two acts of cleaning today. 

Lots of my time was taken up by an impromptu visit from a friend, which was fabulous and very welcome. I don’t begrudge myself that use of my time at all. 

I guess I’m just sad that I spent much of the afternoon watching the second half of Machete Kills and all of Kick-Ass. But dammit, it was fun. Machete Kills was ridiculous and thoroughly reveled in its ridiculousness. And Kick-Ass was great to see again. 

Ok, forget it, I regret nothing! I had a nice day with relaxing and socializing and doing a tiny bit of housework. 

I regret nothing!

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