The Unstoppable Wasp

You need to be reading the current comic run of The Unstoppable Wasp!! It is so incredibly fun. 

I bought the first issue because it’s an adorable cover by Skottie Young ( and I’m a sucker for his cute comedy. Then I saw that Moon Girl was guesting in issues two and three, so I picked those up. Unfortunately, I’m fonder sometimes of collecting comics than making time to read them, so I didn’t get around to reading these issues for a while. 

At Awesome Con this year (see previous posts for my gushing) I went to a small panel on Friday where John Layman (writer of Chew and Eleanor & the Egret) and Jeremy Whitley (writer of Princeless and Unstoppable Wasp) talked about the difference between writing their own properties versus preexisting characters. I love the book Chew, though I haven’t yet finished it) and got the books signed by him at Baltimore Comic Con back in the fall, and he was a super nice guy. This convention, he was just as nice, being all excited about this awesome science-cat belt he just bought at the con ( 

Anyway, I went to the panel to see John Layman, but after the panel was so happy with both of them and couldn’t wait to read Unstoppable Wasp. Five minutes in, actually, when Jeremy Whitley ( had described his take on the Wasp, I texted my boyfriend “I HAVE to read the Wasp!!” It did NOT disappoint. 

The Unstoppable Wasp is the tale of a warm, optimistic, intelligent teenage girl who wants to put together a lab of other intelligent young girls to save the world. It’s a funny, well told tale of young female friendship that feels real, even when they’re fighting a giant raccoon. I’m so glad I picked up the other three issues. I can’t wait until more comes out. I have to tell everyone to read it. 

Science Ladies having Science Adventures!

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