AwesomeCon was Awesome! Part 3

Sunday was another amazing day at AwesomeCon. getting there early I got in line to see Stan Lee, while my boyfriend got in line for the Guild reunion. Given the popularity of the Felicia Day panel the day before, I didn’t want him to have to stress about saving me a seat for too long, so the plan was to watch twenty minutes of Stan Lee and then go join my bf in line. Unfortunately, Stan Lee was running late, and when he still hadn’t taken the stage fifteen minutes in to the allotted time, I left. I know that was the last chance I’ll get to see him, but if he had never taken the stage I would’ve kicked myself for missing two panels. 

The Guild panel was excellent, they’re all such funny people and enjoyed busting on each other, while clearly liking each other. Nothing deep from that panel, but it was good and happy. 

Then it was time to stand in line again, this time for Eliza Dusku in the big room. I have had a crush on her since Bring it On, am the only person I know who ever watched Tru Calling (and I loved it), and then Dollhouse showed what a true powerhouse of an actor she is. My bf feels pretty similar (though replace Tru Calling with Buffy), so we wanted good seats. She did NOT disappoint. Claire Kramer moderated the Q&A and so often it was like we were just eavesdropping on these two old friends chatting. It was a joy. 

We took a quick trip down to artist’s Alley afterwards; I got my issues of he first Squirrel Girl run signed by Ryan North. Then we’d had enough of crowds. 

Heading home we stopped for dinner at our favorite restaurant. It’s a little fancy on Friday and Saturday nights, but not usually so on Sunday. We forgot that it was Father’s Day (I had sent my dad a card the week before and texted him that morning) and being a steak restaurant, it was packed! We were too exhausted to think about going another place, so we waited and it was delicious! Then we went home and I slept for thirteen hours. Crowds + standing + walking tired me out. 

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