Water is Wet

I know, this isn’t revolutionary, especially for the internet, but I love my cat.

Her name is Nell, but I normally call her Kitty. She’s black on the top and white on the bottom, small in size but big in belly, and super sweet.

We’ve been together for nine years, since I moved away from having roommates, and two years before I met my boyfriend. There was a period there where she was just a pain in my butt whose litter box I always had to clean up. But lately we’ve been really bonding.

She’s trained me well. I always get in bed and play on my phone for a while, then I turn out the light and play a little more. Eventually I put away the phone, and turn over onto my right side, and then suddenly, in the darkness, she’s right in front of my face.

She’ll purr and push against my hand, making me pet her for a while as I’m listening to a twitch stream or podcast or guided meditation to sleep. It’s our time together.

Sometimes I don’t turn onto my right side, and try to fall asleep on my left or back, and when I do she starts clawing at my shoulders, wanting attention.

It’s nice to have our routine.

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