AwesomeCon was Awesome! Part 1

It’s always nice when something lives up to its name. This past weekend was AwesomeCon, DC’s biggest pop culture convention, and it was so much fun. 

Friday we walked the floor, seeing the venders and artists who were selling amazing work. I had Ryan North sign his run of Jughead issues. I bought post it notes with his dinosaur on it so I can make my own dinosaur comics. I bought a messenger bag with a great Wonder Woman embroidery on it. It says “Be your own Super Hero” with her logo. I used it as my bag for the rest of the weekend, I’m hooked on it. I also bought an adorable Wonder Woman onsie for a pregnant friend. 

We finished the night with Star Talk Live, hosted by Chris Hadfield (Canadian astronaut and excellent science communicator) and Scott Adsit (comedian, actor, writer). They had an engineer, a physicist, and another comedian on as guests and talked about spacey things. At first I was annoyed at the comedian interrupting, but then I accepted that it’s the conceit of the show that the scientists are going to be heckled and it helps keep the science bite sized and absorbable. Once I accepted that, I was all in and enjoyed it a lot. 

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