New iPad new art

To my delight, lately my insta suggested posts lately have been full of procreate tips. One such video I watched yesterday was how to create wiggly text on a video by making two panel gifs. Animation in procreate still seems out of my reach, but gifs… I have it a try.

After initial success, my iPad started exporting blank white squares instead of the gifs, and the gifs got all blocky. I still had plenty of space on the iPad, but it was quite old. These three-panel gifs were apparently too much for its processors.

My partner looked into new iPads. As he said, when a piece of tech gets to the point I’m complaining about it, it’s probably long past due for an upgrade. Thankfully I had gotten a bonus at work lately, which would cover a new iPad! Savings…Who is she?

I had been certain to backup my old iPad before taking it yo trade in, but learned too late that doesn’t include procreate art. What!? Thankfully, most pieces I had already exported to photos and iCloud, but it’s be nice to have the procreate files. Anyone with suggestions to not have this happen in the future, I welcome your comments.

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