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I’m treating myself to a massage tomorrow. I messed up my back in the stupidest way possible.

My left shoulder blade hurts. Always. It’s wear I carry all my stress. And it was bothering me more than usual all last week.

Saturday I gave myself a lazy day to watch Riverdale season 2 (and listen to the podcast ‘Cry Me a Riverdale’ along with each episode) and play Stardew Valley on the switch. This super relaxation plan back fired. I sat still with the switch WAY too long… my shoulder seized up. So much pain radiating from that one spot.

After a hot shower last night to try to loosen my back, I laid in bed in pain way too long. I searched the online scheduling of my local massage places but there weren’t any openings for over a week. Then I remembered my bf buying Tiger Balm for sore muscles a few weeks ago. I texted him asking if it worked, and he came up and rub it on. It was amazing. Back numbed. Sleep in twenty minutes.

But I then woke up at 6 am with it seized up again. After two applications of tiger balm, a hot shower in the middle, and a day of whining, I looked back at the online massage scheduling. I realized last night I had filtered for a female masseuse and tried without a filter, there’s an opening for tomorrow after work!!

I stressed for about five minutes if I’ll be comfortable enough with a male giving me a massage, but my back Hurts and needs to be smoothed out. Hopefully I can tell myself to relax and it’ll be good.

It’ll be my second massage, I bought myself one back in January. Every time she switched body parts, it felt awkward for a moment. I told myself to breathe and relax, and with that setting I was able to. Hopefully this masseuse will be as calming and will release this knot. Ouch.

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