Twitter wonder

I love twitter. For many reasons, I really enjoy this use of technology. Yes, some of it is selfish: I met my boyfriend on twitter over seven years ago and he is a great part of my life. But mainly I love that it can connect us ‘regular’ people directly to amazing creators. Even more so, I love those moments when you get to see people you would geek out about, geeking out about others. 

I know there’s a lot of hate on Twitter. Many people find it easy to type much ruder things than they would ever say to another person’s face. But I have curated a number of wonderful people to follow to be a bubble of (mostly) joy on twitter and I’m lucky to usually only see the friendly side of Twitter. 

The picture at the top of this post is a screenshot of an Anne Wheaton ( post about enjoying the Moana sound track. What I love about the screenshot is that Lin-Manuel Miranda saw it and liked it! Super cute. (In case you’re lost, Lin-Manuel wrote some of the soundtrack for Moana.) What other forum exists for us to see this mutual appreciation society? Okay, there’s a ton, but this one is so quick and easy. 

For us mere mortals, twitter is also a great location to connect to our idols. When I finally read the first six issues of the amazing comic book The Unstoppable Wasp and I tweeted to the world that they have to read it, it got read and liked by the author ( When I saw an action figure that I thought would entertain a favorite internet content creator, I could tweet a picture to him and he responded:

When used carefully and kindly, twitter can be a real joy. 

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